10 of 12 – El Diego

Come on, you didn’t think he’d be forgotten did you? This is surely one man who doesn’t need a case put forward for his introduction into Los Revolucionarios. But just to make sure you are aware, this is why he’s here.

To list the amount of times he has been voted the “Greatest Ever Player” would be pointless as you would give up reading before halfway, but the five-time South American Player of the Year deserved every single one.

After a short spell at Barcelona, helping an unfancied Napoli to its only two Serie A titles in the late 80’s thrust Maradona into the limelight. An Argentinian World Cup victory only cemented his position as the World Player of the year for 1986. The quarter-final saw the famous Hand of God goal overshadowed by his second of the game, since been voted the greatest goal of the 20th century.

Love him or hate him, Diego Maradona was a true genius on the football pitch and thoroughly deserves his spot in Los Revolucionarios. He enters with his nickname “El Diego”.


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