6 of 12 – Veliki Zuti

I believe this man to be one of the greatest dribblers of a football of all-time. Robert Prosinecki sometimes wandered around the football pitch as if the ball was stuck to his boots.

Capped 15 times for Yugoslavia, and then a further 49 times by Croatia the midfielder notched up 14 goals for his country. One of the few to play for both Real Madrid and Barcelona, Prosinecki made his name at Red Star Belgrade in the late 80’s.

He was born and raised in the West German town of Schwenningen, and could have quite easily turned out alongside Matthias Sammer and Lothar Matthaus, but he chose his parents’ birth country Yugoslavia to play internationally. Following the break up of Yugoslavia Prosinecki chose his father’s country Croatia (his mother was born in Serbia), and helped them to a surprise third place at the 1998 World Cup.

He was voted as the best young player at Italia 90, and also has made Portsmouth FC’s All-Time Best Eleven.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will.

Or this…

Robert Prosinecki enters Los Revolucionarios as “Veliki Zuti”, or in English, “The Great Yellow One”.


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