La Revolución está aquí

Welcome to my football art project.

This is my pick of 11 players plus manager, who I believe have revolutionised football in some way, portrayed on canvas. If you would like to share your team of Revolutionaries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I’d love to hear your team selections.

You may not agree that my 11 picks have been the most revolutionary players ever, but they are the players who have inspired and fascinated me, and for that reason, they are Los Revolucionarios.



2 responses to “La Revolución está aquí

  1. Zinedine, the best French player ever? What about Michel Platini? Roberto Carlos rivoluzionario? More than Ronaldo, Beckham, Figo, Raul, Romario, Klinsmann ? Are you Russian or Turkish? . Pele’ and Maradona are undoubtedly the best EVER; they deserve a MUCH longer dedication. Please honour them. Where is Alfredo Di Stefano, Eusebio, Sivori, Giuseppe Meazza, Marco Van Basten, George Best, Bobby Charlton, Zico, Zoff, Giacinto Facchetti, Roberto Baggio? (Yes i am Italian) Apart from that, the list is very nicely made. The pictures are spectacular, the comments interesting and the nicknames in native language inspiring. Well done!

    • Thank you for the comment.

      This is a list of the players which I felt have contributed to making football what it is today. It’s a personal “Dream Team”, if you will. I tried to only make one from each country, but with Roberto Carlos making the wing-back spot his own, I had to have two Brazilians. As I could only have a limited number of players, I unfortunately had to omit a number of great players. If I go back to it in the future, I will be sure to include some of the greats you mentioned.

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